Tailor-made, economical and high quality

With our qualified employees we ensure the optimal functioning of your ventilation technology, cooling systems, fire protection installations, measuring and control technology systems, and special systems including compressed air, filtration, and drying systems. We are also your reliable partner for the construction of new technical building installations, from the planning stage to commissioning.
With an emphasis on efficiency, we create customized maintenance plans that are adapted to your specific needs instead of just following rigid guidelines. We provide your company with the best quality and performance-while opening up new approaches to cost reduction for you.

  • Consultation, analyses, concepts
  • Operation, maintenance, repair
  • Technical caretaker
  • Functionality/security inspections, safety verification
  • Optimization of operation, energy, resource consumption
  • All skilled technical trades
  • Reconstruction, extension and demolition, renovations, conversions etc.
  • Warranty management
  • Measurement services, measurement reports
  • Management and operation of energy facilities
  • 24/7 stand-by Help Desk Service